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Chatting with Ron Tauranac at the 2016 Tasman Trophy

Ron Tauranac at the 2016 Tasman Trophy

While running the Brabham BT-23-B in the 2016 Tasman Trophy, Kerrie and Trevor of the Vintage Race Car Parts team had the great honour of chatting with Ron Tauranac.

Ron Tauranac is a Formula 1 icon. He founded the Brabham constructor and Formula 1 race team, Motor Racing Developments, with the great Sir Jack Brabham back in 1960 and worked towards the team’s 1966 and ’67 Formula 1 Constructors’ Championships. From there he went on to found RALT and work on many other significant Formula 1, Formula 5000 and other Formula cars.

An engineer and race car designer, he is responsible for cars like our Brabham BT-23-B. The opportunity to chat with him about the car, racing and life was a pleasure, an honour and a highlight of the weekend.

Ron Tauranac at the 2016 Tasman Trophy