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Historic Brabham BT18 SOLD

Brabham BT18

This beautiful Brabham BT18 has now sold!

The car is BT 18–F2–25-66, frame number AM 161.

It was purchased at a COYS Auction in 2002 at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The car was stripped down to the bare chassis; all members measured, non-destructive tested, repaired where necessary, bead blasted and painted. It has just completed a full rebuild by David Kent, past president of the HSRCA in New South Wales and very well known in all Australian restorations; highly respected historic racing car preparations for his racing knowledge, ability, prowess and integrity of many years.

The motor is a ‘new’ MAE motor sourced from Great Britain and assembled by David Kent in Sydney.

The Gearbox is an original Mk 8/9 5-speed fitted with a dummy sleeve gear/collar in the (1st) first gear position to provide the four-gear H-pattern formulation as essentially configured.

Paint – Helios mobihel paint in Blue 24-91730 (2009-00) and the Red 23-67650 (2008-00).

History from Racing Car Developments:

  • 1966 – Viscount Rollo FEILDING
  • 1967 – Peter GADON [ex-Feilding MN 13.3.67 p.13 also AS 24.2.67 p.266] c/n F1R 27.3.67
  • 1968 – Charles Carling [ex-Gaydon MN 24.4.69 p. 18] retained 1969
  • 1969 – Len Selby of Rochford ESSEX [dealing with Fred OPERT the car was advertised & sold 1970-71 to Walter L. HAGSTROM W.L. Hagstrom (Jackson Height, NY). CP&A 27 Nov 1971 p30]
  • 1971 – Jordan COHN/NY [east coast racer with some success]
  • The early ‘70s and then discovery from the 2012 period to today. Has been provided and confirmed within the BLACK Books of the Duncan RABAGLIATI.

Most of the formalisation of the information discovered about this car’s early history has been provided by another worldly gentleman in Andrew Fellowes, also an ex-British gentleman.

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